Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do You Have In Your Wallet Or Purse?

Currently, I have the followings in my red purse:

1) My IC
2) My driving licence
3) 1 ATM card
4) 2 credit cards
5) 4 pieces of RM10 note
6) 1 piece of RM5 note
7) 3 pieces of RM1 note
8) A few coins
9) My ING Insurance medical card
10) My Popular Bookstore member card
11) 2 pieces of my name card
12) 2 small reminder notes

I used to have a lot more things in my purse, but later I decided to keep most of them at home because I don't see the point bringing so many things especially membership cards around. It's only making my purse fatter and heavier.

I know there are several other things that people keep in their wallet or purse:

1) Receipts and some are very old receipts
2) A photo of oneself
3) A photo of loved ones
4) Lucky charms
5) A string of membership cards
6) A small phone book
7) A small note consist of bible verse
8) Name cards of somone important
9) 4D tickets

Anything else that you have in your wallet? Or anything else that you know other people keep in their wallet or purse? Do share with me.


  1. I got 5 credit cards inside my wallet but i only use 1. Cash is only for emergency. Some people said keep credit card for emergency but i disagree because in Malaysia credit card is not as widely used as in some advance countries (can even pay for chewing gum or McDonald with credit card). You can use cash anywhere though.

  2. Hi Zen :) I saw a lot of ppl also keep many cards in their wallet or purse. Yes, in Malaysia, most of the supermarket only accept credit card for purchase of more than RM30. I think since last year, KFC accept credit cards. Btw, you have a nice and meaningful name :)

  3. Quite similar to mine. But i make sure every month i do housekeeping on my wallets, at least to get rid of old receipts.

  4. Hi min dfin, yes we need to do housekeeping from time to time.. I do my housekeeping every Sunday.

  5. I meant my purse housekeeping :)