Friday, September 25, 2009

Do You 'Invest' In 4D?

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evening, there will be crowds of people at 4D outlets. And I noticed, on Monday, Thursday and Sunday morning, the first page most readers landed on is the 4D result page. Always heard they say 'kena makan' (been eaten) but still they will try again and again.

I myself bought a few times 4D, but so far only strike once, consolation price. Not enough to cover my small investment.

I think many invest in 4D even though they know it is very slim chance to get a strike because:

1) small investment but huge return - Just slightly more than RM1 for a bet and one could win thousands of ringgit;
2) consider as long term investment - They believe that, one day they will win back their investment
3) wish to become a millionaire overnight - Although the chances are very slim, but there are real cases every week where one turned into a millionaire overnight because of 4D

Also, when one started to buy 4D, he/she always cannot stop from investing because he/she worried that their numbers might strike the first price the next morning. I have heard people said they they'll get heart attack if they stop investing in 4D and their number appear as first price.

Do you invest in 4D? Or what is your opinion in 4D investing?


  1. buying 4D is kind of spending or gamble.

    invest is kind of spending to increase your net worth.

  2. Hi there :) Yes, we know there are diferences in gambling and investing. But, INVEST is the word used by 4D players. The players believe that with the spending on the 4D tickets, they are doing an investment. With a hope that they will strike the 4Ds and increase their net worth.

  3. There are obvious difference between invest and gambling. Gambler can gamble for their entire life but still don't get any return. Investor who educate themselves in investment not matter big or small will eventually have some return.

  4. Gambler can gamble for their whole life but still don't get any return while an investor who does due diligent in investing will eventually make some return.

  5. Hi Zen, Yes! " investor who does due diligent in investing will eventually make some return" is absolutely right!

  6. 4D is not investment obviously but it could be called as "OCD Entertaainment" for certain people!

    1. Hello Hema, Hmm.... that's why
      I use 'invest' :)