Monday, August 24, 2009

Rebate For TM Streamyx Connection Issues

I had been having broadband connection issue since 29 June 2009. That's about 2 months ago. On 19th August 2009, I was really mad because I can't get connected even though I tried since 7:30pm. At about 9:30pm, I called to TM100 and was very disappointed as when I pressed the Technical Support option, I can't seem to get to the Department. I don't mind to hold the line (usually for few minutes before the customer service answer my call), but that day, I totally can't get to hear the on-hold melody. The message was 'We are still waiting for your feedback'. After several trial and pressing all the option buttons, I managed to reache the Billing Department. I took the opportunity to request for rebate or adjustment for those days where I can't get connected. Then, the Billing Department passed me to the Technical Support department. Half way talking to the technical guy, the line got cut-off. And as usual, the technical guy never call me back. I was quite furious and I decided to write an email, a long complaint email to the Towards the end of the email, I mentioned will bring up this matter to SKMM @ MCMC if TM can't solve my connection issue by this month.

The next day, in the afternoon, I received a call from TM Customer Care on my email content. I was a bit surprised as I never expect they will respond that fast. The customer care said that the reason for my connection was due to 'session hang'. Which I think is a mere excuse. Because I had been using this account for the past few years, and I don't face serious issue. The customer care even sent me an email on the matter.

The following day (Friday), another customer care called me from Billing Department and acknowledged that they'd received my request for rebate and will process for the rebate or adjustment due to the disconnection issue. That night, I received an email from TM said that they'll rebate about 1 month charges due to my connection issue since 29 June 2009. I was quite surprise with their prompt action.

Today, I still received different error messages when I try to log in, but at least, after the second or third trial, I can get connected.The problem now is the connection speed is very slow. I will monitor this situation, and if it get worse, I definitely will complain to TM again.

Do you face any broadband connection issues?


  1. Absolutely HAD such experience. However, I have to applaud your effort, will remind myself on the rebate letter as I think that can only be fair to customers. How else can they charge us full payment when the service is down for like >50% of the month? That's insane. Glad things have sorted out for you.

    FYI, just made a complaint few weeks back and the line got cut off suddenly in the middle of converstion. I think that's another common problem. sigh..

  2. Hi Ching Ya! My broadband is really terrible these few weeks. Even though I can log in yesterday and today, but the speed is not better than the dial up modem.