Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malaysian Students - Will Your PTPTN Study Loan Be Sufficient?

For most Malaysian university students and parents, the main concern is not whether the students will be able to graduate with flying colours or not, but whether the student has sufficient financial support throughout his or her studies. I can understand this as courses fees and other courses materials can reach a few thousands for one semester. Basic living needs is another area where students spend big portion of their money.

For most Malaysian students (including me), we are considered lucky as PTPTN provide study loan for most courses and approved universities and colleges. The question is - Do these students know how to plan their financial wisely throughout their courses? PTPTN is doing a very smart control to their study loans. PTPTN only bank-in the needed amount in each semester. For my case, PTPTN pay the course fees and other fees to the respective university first. Only then, the balance will go to the student's bank account. In other way, PTPTN is helping the students to plan and monitor their finances.

No matter what, students must do their own proper financial planning throughout their study. They must plan a proper budget which includes course materials (books, special devices or tools, other references), PC & broadband, living and transportation charges and also other miscellaneous charges. With proper budgeting, PTPTN will definitely be sufficient for you to get your degree or master degree. With proper budgeting also, students not only have a piece on mind to concentrate on their studies but they might be able to prepare a special fund for the down payment of their first car as well.


  1. 9 years ago i was granted the PTPTN money, it was around 64k for 4 years for my university course. It was more than enough for tuition fee and for life supporting spending with remaining, at least when i'm calculating it now. But i finished them all every semester, which i shouldn't have..

  2. Hi Zen, thanks for dropping by. 64k is really a lot :) The past is a past and we always look forward for a more meaningful future. I had a glimpse at your blog and it's great that you're sharing your personal experience. Keep posting!

  3. im studying for diploma, n they granted only RM5k. wtf?! advanced dip, RM7K/year. fuck ptptn.

  4. Hi, you meant RM5K/year? Based on the current economy where most prices had increases, it's not an easy task to survive diploma with RM5K/year. But, do take this opportunity to learn on spending smart. And perhaps can consider side income. All the best.