Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Does Money Bring Happiness?

If anyone would say "Money does not bring happiness", I would say "You are lying!" or "Give me all your money". Today, in our modern world, towards certain point, money does bring happiness to us. Can you bring food on the table without money? Can you be happy without a proper shelter for your family? Can you walk to office without paying for your car or other transportation methods? Can you read a blog without a computer and without your service provider? It is impossible to do all these without money, right? So, money does bring happiness to us. Money provides us with a comfortable shelter, healthy and nutritious food and proper clothes for us and our loved ones and some other luxuries which are now our necessity - a computer with (fast) Internet connection, a plasma TV with at least 50 channels?, a fully aircond home, a nice car and so many more. All these do bring happiness to us.

BUT, more money does not mean more happiness. It might has a reverse effect. Because the love for money might cause us to drift away from pure happiness, enlarging the gap between us and happiness. We must be able to control the greed of money from destroying the happiness that money can bring to us. We must appreciate and value money as an item which can make our life much richer and meaningful.

Thus, we must learn to manage and shape our financial future. Do not let money lead us through our life. We must lead our life with money as one of the tools to make our life to be more meaningful.


  1. On money matter ,this book is a good eye opener by T Harv Eker "Secret of Millioaniare Mind" .

    I also got blog about him at my blog :D

  2. Hi Alan, thanks for the information. Another great book, huh? will check out at your blog later.

  3. I read robert kiyosaki's book and he mentioned about something about loving money, it sounds like this: "It's foolish when ppl say money is not important or money is evil. Well i think life is most important of all, but money is important to support life. That's why i don't want to spend all my life working for money instead i want money to work for me, so i can ultimately enjoy my life". I think it's so true.

  4. Hi Zen, yes... money is important as it supports us. unless, we are using barter trade system.. Balance life is important as well :)