Friday, July 10, 2009

Women - Are We The One Causing Our Partner's Bad Debts?

Not long ago, I read from a local newspaper that, WE - woman (wives), are causing men's' (husbands) bad debts. I do not 100% agree with this statement. In our modern society, more and more women are independent and are earning income just like their partner to support themselves and their families. Some even can bring more income when compare to their partner. How could we cause our partners' bad debts?

The news blame it on demanding wives who keep on pestering their husbands for big ticket purchase which later causing the husband to be in debts. I believe, smart husbands will not keep their financial situation a secret from their partner. Husband should discuss and involve their wives on their financial situation, whether they can afford the big ticket items. If the wives are not being informed, they will never know that their husbands has other high responsibilities. For smart wives, I am sure they will not trouble their husband if they understand that their husband cannot fulfill their each and every wish especially expensive item. Perhaps, both can start a saving plan before the purchase, which means that make sure the cash is there before they do the purchase. Most probably, by the time they have the cash, they will not proceed with the purchase as they know it is hard to save that amount of money.

But, I do understand that there are women who is especially 'expensive' and 'demanding'. Always enjoy comparing with the Jones. Must have new expensive items every now and then. Must keep up to the standard of their friends and relatives. These women must learn to purchase and to spend with their own hard earned money. For men, if you cannot afford these type of women, it is wise to stay away from them.

Most importantly, husbands should not be shameful to discuss with wives on their current financial situations. And wives must be understanding and try to support their husbands on financial issues. By planning and working out the plan together, both not only can avoid bad debts, but can increase their wealth.


  1. Unfortunately, smart wives comes in a very limited supply. :)

  2. Hi Kris, LIMITED but there are still some out there :)