Monday, July 6, 2009

A Review Of My 2009 Financial Goals

It has been about 2 weeks since I last posted on my blog. Had been pretty busy lately. Last week, I just submitted my mid year performance appraisal at my workplace. And it reminds me of the mid year review of my own 2009 financial goals. From time to time, I did take a look at my 2009 financial goals as it is sticked on my bedroom notice board. The best feeling would be, when I completed a goal, I place a 'tick' by the side of the goal. It provides me the energy to achieve more goals.

I wish to share the status of my 2009 financial goals:

1) Increase my annual income by at least 10%. (to be completed by Dec 2009)
Status: In progress. Hopefully I can make it.

2) Moving the $$$ from my emergency account to fixed deposit accounts. I don't want my emergency account to just sit in the saving account. Moving the $$$to the fixed deposit accounts not only benefit me but also to the banks and the society as they need the $$$. (to be completed by Jan 2009)
Status: Completed mid of Jan 2009. Partially moved to my unit trust funds due to low interest rate for fixed deposit.

3) Invest in a new unit trust fund. This time, I want to invest in equity fund. (to be completed by June 2009)
Status: Completed 2 July 2009. Invested in PB Growth Fund. Timing is just nice as the price on 2 July dropped after PB Growth Fund announced its dividend of 7.50 sen per unit.

4) Continue to top up my existing unit trust funds. (all year long)
Status: In progress. I only top up on selected funds.

5) Keeping a separate file for each of my unit trust funds. Currently all my unit trust funds details are in the same file. It's time to separate them. Separating them will make my fund monitoring easier. (to be done by Jan 2009)
Status: Easy. Completed mid of Jan 2009.

6) Monitoring my Public Bank Gold Investment Account and top up at least once. (to be completed by 31 Dec 2009)
Status: Haven't to up yet due to high gold price.

7) Monitoring my investment-link Pru-link assurance and see if there's a need to review the coverage and purchase a second insurance. (to be done by Sept 2008)
Status: In progress. Perhaps will increase my medical coverage.

8) Terminating my unused credit cards, and concentrate on 1 credit card with another two as backup. I must ensure that the active and backup credit cards are without annual fee. (to be done by June 2009)
Status: Not very easy as I thought it would be. Anyway, completed end of March 2009. Now, I only have 2 credit cards.

9) File and submit my income tax early. (to be done by 15 April 2008)
Status: Completed 20th April 2009

10) Continue with my 'fun saving' account. My fun saving accounts keep all my fun expenses. This includes fun expenses for my family and for myself. It'sgreat to be able to provide some fun $$$ throughout the financial planning journey. Life can't be serious all the time, right :p (all year long)
Status: In progress.

So, I completed 5 goals and I still have another 5 goals to achieve within 6 months. I am quite satiesfied with my 50% achievement. How about you? Do you keep track of your financial goals?


  1. Hi Yan,
    Well planned out. I think it's important to have our financial goals reviewed every now and then. 50% is a great achivement. I need to review mine shortly. ^^

  2. Yan,I do have financial plan and goal for myself but never think of listing out all these while.I think I should do the same for the second half year of 2009 to keep track for the goal that has been set. Thanks a lot for your advice.

  3. Ching Ya, Thank you. Yes, reviewing is as important as planning for it.

    Margaret, By writing it down, I find that I am more committed. Hope we all can achieve our financial goals and lead a meaningful life.