Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Effective cost saving ideas for your office - Part 4

It is almost end of July 2009 and I still read news on staff retrenchment and positions been made redundant. The hard time is not over yet. Why not gather everyone in your organization and start to concentrate on cost savings plan? I know many of us not in favour to hear the words 'cost savings', but always remember, it is always better for us to save cost and work in a team, rather than the company had to cut down on headcounts and starts to lay off its employees.

Other than those ideas in my ealier post, I had another 3 additional effective cost saving ideas for your office:

1) Reduce the frequency on courier charges
Most company will need to use the courier service to send documents, parcels, products or other item to their customers, suppliers or other organizations. What more to say if it is multi national companies or huge corporate with offices worldwide. Courier charges will be just like telephone, electricity or water bills - it is a necessity. Bear in mind to control these courier charges. Perhaps select one courier day in a week where only on this particular day, your staff can send a courier. Of course, provided the courier is not really urgent. Avoid sending 2 different courier with different consignment note from your organization to the same destination. Ensure your Logistic or Admin department take control, track and make proper arrangement for all courier service. If implemented successfully, you will see a drastic drop in your courier charges invoices.

2) Cut down unnecessary face to face meetings
Many of us do not like it (meetings), but we need to discuss and find solutions to problems. Face to face meetings can used up a lot of resources. For company with offices worldwide or nationwide, to arrange a meeting for all the representative from different regions is wasting a lot of their resources on travelling hours, air tickets, accommodations, staff claims and other expenses. And yet, can the meetings come out with effective results? With the current developing technology, why not try to arrange for something different? Perhaps can try teleconferencing or video conferencing? Most importantly, just make sure the objective of the meeting is met.

3) Alternative Air Travelling Arrangement
Why I specifically mentioned on air travelling is because it is the travelling method which is most expensive if you compare to the land or sea travel method. But, the good news is there is always an alternative air travelling arrangement. Try to look for alternative airlines which provide a much lower air tickets compare to the standard charges. If possible, try to book and make travel arrangement ahead of time to avoid skyhigh air tickets.

I hope the ideas above will bring benefits to your organization. If you have other cost saving ideas, feel free to add in more.

Happy Cost Saving!

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