Thursday, July 9, 2009

Donations As Part Of Financial Planning

If you read financial planning books or articles, you will find that most authors include donations as partial of financial planning. But, I do understand. As a wage earner, we often find the income not even enough for us, how to spare for someone else? Especially those who are not close to us? Or those we don't even know?

Actually, the donation amount need not be a huge amount. It can be a small sum because you can never imagine that small amount could mean a life to someone else. But, it must be a sincere donation with the purpose to share our wealth with the rest especially those who is less fortunate than us. It is one of the way to be grateful for the wealth we received, and in return we share it with other.

In Malaysia, we can donate to various charity and organizations. The most available way would be donating to our religion centre, be it the Church, the Mosque, the Temple or any other religion centre.

If you have never do any donation before, try it once and share with me how you feel about it.

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