Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Broadband Service Which Worth My Every Cents?

Lately I had been very unhappy with my existing broadband service provider which I had been using for the past 5 years. I had a lot of problem with my connections. For the past 20 days, I had been complaining to the customer service centre for more than 5 times. From the 5 times, for the first 3 times, I cannot get connected but after I called the customer service centre, and they reset the connection port or create a new dialer, I can get connected. For the 4th time, I totally cannot get connected for 3 consecutive days. The customer service said they will send technical support team to check the connection at my end. But they did not turned up. Luckily I can get connected on the 3rd night. And at that time, I got a miscalled on my mobile and it is from the broadband call centre (I know because I had saved the customer service centre number in my mobile). She only called me back about 4 days later.

And for the 5th time, it happened last night. I tried to connect to the Internet and it kept prompting 'invalid username and password' or 'the remote computer did not respond' to my connection. When I called the customer service centre, my calls cannot get connected after I pressed the option for technical support. I do not know whether they do it on purpose or not (which I hope not). I was quite angry and annoyed. After I pressed another option for the billing enquiries section, finally the call can reach a customer service consultant who claimed that he is from technical support (very funny!). After he asked all the lame questions, and performed all the lame trouble shootings, I still cannot get connected. I was very unhappy as I am very sure my username and password is 100% correct. Before he finished the conversation, the call got cut off. I do not know whether there is a timer for each caller who called in or he purposely cut off my line. And as usual, they never call back. I called in again for the second time and after so many trial, I reached another different customer service consultant. I do not know why, but this time I am not as angry as the first time. So, again I went through all the same lame stuff and he confirmed there is problem with my connections. He gave me a report number and informed me technical team will check the connection at my end (again???).

After I hung up the phone, I tried to connect and this time I can get connected. But, the connection speed is not as what I paid for.

Early this morning, a technical guy called me and asked me about my broadband connection. I told him I can get connected and will monitor my situation. A bit surprised that the respond is very fast. Then, I remember last night I did mentioned to the first customer service consultant that I might launch a complaint to MCMC if the service did not improve and up to the standard for the $$$ I paid for.

Are you happy with your current broadband service provider? Or are you facing the same problem like me? I really hope for a broadband service which worth my every cents.

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