Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A WILL - Do You Need One?

Most people would not think about writing a will. Probably because they are not planning to leave this world that fast. But, accidents do happened. A WILL will ensure your assets to be distributed the way you want it to be. Without a will, your dependents might face a lot of issues and difficulties to claim your assets. And the process might takes years, even as long as 8years.

Our neighbour is a lawyer firm. On and off, we saw groups of people, mostly siblings going to or coming out from the lawyer office with sour and bitter face. For those who are willing to share, they said mostly because their parents passed away without a will or arrangement. So, these siblings is fighting for the free money, the assets from their late father. Other than fighting for the money, these siblings also need to pay a huge sum of money as lawyer fees. It's sad to see this situation.

I don't really have much assets, yet :p But, I am thinking to have a will. I believe it's important to have a will especially for married couples and with dependents. Don't you think so?

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