Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Retirement Planning - Will Our EPF @ KWSP Savings Be Enough?

For all workers in Malaysia, every month we have about 23% from our monthly income credited to our EPF @ KWSP accounts. From this 23%, 12% were contributed by employer and 11% contributed by employee. It's about 1/5 of our monthly salary. It sounds like a lot of money isn't it?

Have you actually sit down and have a serious thought about your retirement planning Whether your EPF @ KWSP savings will be enough to cushion you throughout the golden years? If you've started working at 25 years old, never disturb @ withdraw your EPF @ KWSP savings, and save all the ways til you reached 55 years old, maybe your EPF @ KWSP savings can support your retirement years. But, if you've withdrew some of your EPF @ KWSP savings for housing loan, education loan, medical expense and other approved withdrawal, you will have to start planning to save additional $$$ other than your EPF @ KWSP savings. Because the minimum savings in your EPF @ KWSP accounts cannot assure a peaceful and healthy retirement. It's not enough.

Of course the best would be not to disturb your EPF @ KWSP savings and at the same time have other savings or investment to ensure a less financial worries retirement years. I know it's not easy. But, do keep in mind, it's terrible to be old and broke!

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