Sunday, June 7, 2009

Living A Financially Balanced Life

Recently a friend shared a story where her father who is 70+ admitted to hospital due to some serious liver matter. Since her father didn't has much savings, she has to help to pay for the medical expenses which is about RM20K. I can see from her eyes that it's quite painful for her to see her RM20k just fly away from her within such a short period of time. But, I know she loves her father and her love for her father overcame the painful feeling of losing the RM20k.

And I remember an ex-colleague ever shared with me that her uncle had really working very hard throughout his whole life. He would try to save every cents. He would not allow himself to simply spend the hard earned money. He never travel out of his own hometown. Never treat himself life luxuries. And yes, he managed to save a lot of money. By the time he thinks that he should stop saving so hard and it's time to start to enjoy life, he was diagnosed with serious illness. At the end, he didn't even get to enjoy the money he had saved throughout his whole life.

Both stories has sad ending. For the first story, the father didn't have enough saving for his retirement. And thus he had to trouble his daughter for the medical expenses. He's lucky because his daughter is willing to pay for the expensive medical fees. But, nowadays  most son or daughter had barely enough to cover their own expenses. How to expect them to be able to support us in our old years? 

For the second story, the guy had taken financial saving too seriously and thus ended up didn't managed to enjoy his life even though he has saved a lot of $$$.

Thus, I am reminding myself from time to time, to have a proper saving plan and at the same time enjoy little things in life. Best would be include a fun saving fund in my financial planning so that I can enjoy some life luxuries and knowing that I am not burning a hole in my saving fund. That's what I called a financially balance life.

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