Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do You Have A Spending Plan For Your Wedding?

Recently I had been quite busy preparing for my wedding in Oct 2009. There are so many things to do and so many preparations to make. To name a few, register for marriage, booking for wedding reception, booking for wedding photography, purchasing bedroom set, bedroom renovations, purchasing wedding bands, honeymoon package and so many more. And needless to say a lot of $$$ involved too.

Even though, future husband, Dave and me not planning for a huge and grand wedding, we find that we are spending quite a lot for our wedding. Lucky that we have a spending plan for our wedding. We listed down all expenses for our wedding. We found out, from time to time, there will be new item added to the list. For each item, we have a estimated budget. When we go for wedding shopping, at least we have a budget in mind. Still, some of the item are slightly
more than our estimated budget. So, what we practised is we will weight the importance of the item and the quality as well. If the item is important and with good quality, we'll increase our budget and purchase that item.

So far, our actual expenses is slightly more than our budgeted expenses. We'll try not to be over our budget by 10%. And I am grateful that Dave is s financially wise guy. It makes the whole process much smoother.

So, do you have a spending plan for your wedding? Do share some of your wedding spending plan with me.


  1. Actual day wedding photography is very important... capturing the most important day of your life cannot be left at the hands of frens (unless they are professional lar hehhe) I came across ur blog tru a fren's link. leave me a msg if you are interested as I'm in the wedding photography business (homebased) & I do pre-wed too... Happy planning ur wedding!

  2. Hi Faith! Thanks for dropping by :) I've had a glance at your blog and you had a grand and wonderful wedding la :) Ok, i will know who to look for if I need help on photography. Thank you ya :) Great to know you're from meow-meow too. Keep posting!

  3. Planning is very important...

    If U go to Hotel Bride Expo, they have a personal Loan to cover all the Most expensive package!

    Don't worry about the Money....spend first!

    At the end, who really gain? :D

  4. Hi Alan, thanks for the reminder :)

  5. Hi Yan,
    So excited for you. Reading the process it's just like having the fun all over again. Sure is a mix-feeling in between whether to spend or not. I was very wedding-pic focus back in my days -- it's not everyday you gotta wear expensive, gorgeous gown and be stunning! Although after the glorious moments, the album is now well kept in the cabinet. =P

    Enjoy the process my friend. You're gonna love it!

    P/s: should really check my emails, so behind with them. Keep in touch, Yan.

  6. Hi Ching Ya! Where have you been? Anyway, it's great to hear from you. I know what you meant :p Sometimes I have to cool myself down before I make some impulsive decisions :p In future, we can show our kids our wedding albums. That'll be great right?

    Thanks Ching Ya! Take care & keep in touch!