Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop Smoking And Start Saving & Living A Healthy Life

I know people who always complain they don't have enough money, and people who owe credit card debts. But these people have $$$ to buy cartoons of cigarettes! I have been wondering how they can buy cigarettes and just ignore those debts or go on without saving in their bank account?

At the time of writing, a pack of cigarette of 20's can easily cost about RM7. If a person smoke one pack a day, he is spending RM49 (RM7x7days) a week just for cigarettes alone. In a year, he's burning away RM2548. That's provided there is no increment in the cigarettes price. Wouldn't it be good if he uses the RM2548 to settle his credit card debts?Or start saving for his emergency account? That RM2548 will do a lot of wonder over the years.

If you're smoking, try to drop this expensive and unhealthy habits. If money is not an issue for you, think about the health part. Smoking is not only not good for your own health but also bring harm to your loved ones (spouse, children, parents). You don't want to see them suffering from being your second hand smoker, don't you?


  1. Totally agree. I hate cigarettes, and the smell of it... Please stop destroying yours & people's health around you. Think for your family as well. Despite we know the addiction for it is huge, but strong will can overpower it. Seek help if needed. Love your life.

  2. Yes, Ching Ya. The smell of cigarettes makes me feeling dizzy. And though the price keep increasing, the demand is still there. The sad part is I saw young students (between 12-15 years old) smoking in groups! I just don't understand what's in their mind.

  3. Hi,

    I was a smoker 6 months ago, but now I quit smoking and hate cigarettes. With a bit of self-control I was able stop smoking.

  4. Hi Terrence, that's great to know :)