Thursday, April 9, 2009

Malaysian Income Tax - My Visit To IRB @ LHDN Office

30th April is another 3 more weeks to go. I visited Inland Revenue Board (IRB) @ Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) office in Kuching this afternoon. I noticed a few things:

1) The staff are really helpful and friendly. Always with a smile on their face
2) Even during lunch hour, there are still enough staff at the counter, entertaining customers
3) IRB @ LHDN Kuching had set-up their e-Filing centre at Level 3, IRB Building. There are about 5 officers when I visited the place
4) The officers are assisting all kind of enquiries (generating of pin for e-Filing, requesting for new pin for e-Filing and other e-Filing issues)
5) Also, there are about 15 computers ready for submission of e-Filing. The public can just use these computers for e-Filing purpose
6) I noticed the officers are helping the tax payers to fill in the e-Filing

The officer even showed me how to log in, including the first few steps when log in for e-Filing. The officer told me, by next week, their e-Filing centre will be open till 8pm.

Overall, I am impressed with their working attitude. It's great to see the effort by IRB @ LHDN to enhance and smoothen the process of income tax filing. At least the public will find it convenient to submit their income tax.

I hope IRB @ LHDN will do some 'advertisement' on local newspapers, radio, tv or Internet, to inform the public that they have such a good e-Filing service. Because I believe most of us will not know IRB @ LHDN is providing such a helpful and friendly service. If I didn't visit IRB @ LHDN office today, I will not know it's so convenient and easy to submit income tax at IRB @ LHDN office.

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