Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malaysian Income Tax - e-Filing Step-By-Step

I submitted my 2008 income tax through e-Filing on last Monday, 20th April 2009. That's 5 days delay from my 2009 financial goals. Anyway, I am glad I submitted my 2008 income tax before the due date.

If you are still working on your 2008 income tax, I suggest you use e-Filing. It's fast and convenient. Before you start you e-Filing project, make sure you've the followings ready:

1) Your pin number for e-Filing. You can find the pin number on hardcopy of your income tax form. Or you can go to the nearest LHDN @ IRB office to get your e-Filing pin number;
2) Your EA form from your employers. If you have more than one employer for 2008, you'll need to contact your employers to get all the EA forms;
3) Your 2008 insurance premium statement from your insurance company;
4) Other important official receipts which you will need for tax relief;
5) A calculator for your to help you with your calculations.

Then, go to LHDN@IRB website and look for e-Filing website. It will be a good idea if you can read through some of the details such as the first time log-in guide and e-Filing user guide. At least you have a rough idea on the e-Filing features. Once you've logged in, just fill in the details accordingly and remember to save all the details before move to the next page. 

Before you decided to click the 'Submit' button, make sure you double check all details. Once you submitted the your tax details, don't forget to print the acknowledgement receipt and a copy of your income tax form for your records. Do keep together with the rest of tax related details such as your EA form, insurance premium statement and related official receipts. And most important, if your payable tax, don't forget to pay your tax.

Enjoy your e-Filing submission and must submit latest by 30 April 2009.


  1. How do I e-file if I had different employers in a year? Do I submit once but with different No Majikan? Or do I need to submit them separately ; ie twice for each employer? Thanks

  2. Hi Anonymous, as for me, I combine the income from both employment and I use the current or the employer as at 31 Dec 2008. Hope it helps.

  3. I still advise, for more information and details, do contact LHDN @ IRB at 1300883010, or just pay them a visit at LHDN @ IRB offices.

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