Monday, March 30, 2009

Effective Cost Saving Ideas For Your Office - Part 2

This is the continuation of my previous post on effective cost saving ideas for office. Other than those simple and practical ideas I mentioned before, do consider the steps below if you're planning to save cost on your businesses or in your office:

a) Subscribe for alternative voice solutions
Other than the national service provider, there are hundreds of alternative voice solutions which can provide your company a much lower phone charges compared to you current national provider. Most of these alternative voice solutions enable your company to call to outstations or mobile with much lower rates, some can even provide a saving of more than 50%. 

b) Request for bundle of services
Try to request your service provider to bundle a few applications for your company. Perhaps can bundle the phone, data and other communications services from the same service provider. I am sure they would be very happy to offer the services as it is a win-win situation.

c) Negotiate for lower office rental
If you office premise is on rental basis, most probably you will find the landlord will try to increase the rental during the renewal of tenancy agreement. Don't just simply agree with the new rental. Try to request to maintain the office rental or if the landlord insist to increase, try to negotiate to reduce the increment. If you never request, you will never get it!

d) Limit newspapers or magazine subscriptions 
Does your office really need the newspapers subscriptions to different languages and from different publishers? Does your staff really read the newspapers or magazine? If you reduce one newspaper subscription, your company can easily save RM30 per month. Encourage your staff to get the up-to-date news from the Internet at no extra cost.

e) Switch to energy saving light bulb
For most offices, the lighting will be switch on during office hours, a typical 9 hours a day. Thus, switching to energy saving light bulb will definitely bring extra saving to you monthly electric bills.

f) Install dual flush system for washrooms
Use half-flush for flushing liquid waste instead of a full-flush.  Your company will be able to save about 40% on water bills. 

For item last 3 items, they are not only helping your company to save cost, but they are environmentally friendly too.

But again, the most important part is the human factor. All employees must be alert and understand the purpose of cost saving for the company. All employees must also playing their parts accordingly and participate in the cost saving exercise. After all, nothing is more meaningful than working with a team with the same direction.


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  2. hi pottygirl, thank you for the details. And I found your blog very informative and I like your 'green' ideas too.

  3. Thanks for those genius ideas. I found more like it on this page.

  4. Hi Stephanie, Thanks! Great sharing you have here!