Monday, March 23, 2009

Effective Cost Saving Ideas For Your Office - Part 1

It has been a tough time for everyone including corporate companies and giant organizations. Why not try practicing some cost saving ideas in your office?

a) Recycle of all recyclable products
Most office will have unused papers - newspapers, printed documents, magazines, proposals, faxes). Don't just throw these papers into the dustbin.Collect them and arrange them accordingly, whether white papers or coloured papers. Once in a month, sell to the recycle company. Other than papers, printer or fax cartridges are also recyclable. Make sure not to wait till the cartridges head is dried.

b) Reuse of paper/envelopes
I am sure there are papers resulted from wrong printings, old documents or just plain papers which can't be used for external purposes. Why not reuse these papers for internal purposes? If the paper only has printing on one side, you can print on the reverse side. Or you can cut the papers in to smaller pieces and use it as memo or for writing notes. Besides paper, envelope is another item which most companies can reuse and reuse again. I have seen envelope which has been reused for more than 5 times!

c) Negotiate for lower price when asking for quotations
This involved your negotiation skills. Whenever asking for quotations, firstly do some homework and make sure you know the lowest market price. Then, try to get your suppliers to quote lower than these market price. You never try, you never know what you'll get.

d) Switch off all electronic equipments (air-cond, lighting, computers, printers, scanners) when not in used
We all learned this from primary school. They are common sense. But, do we really practise them? Next time, if you are the last person who leaves the office, make sure all electronic equipments are turned off. You will see a significant savings in your coming electric bills.

e) Use emails for communication to save on phone call or fax charges
Nowadays, most offices equipped with Internet or broadband facilities. Fully utilize it. Use emails more. Talk less through phone. Use email attachment instead of fax.

f) Reduce on unnecessary printing or copying
Always think twice before print any documents (If you really need to print that document?). Also, if the printings are for internal purpose, try to save on cartridges by using the 'economy' or 'draft' printings.

g) Educate all staff the importance of cost saving
From my experiences, a lot of company staffs don't bother to participate in cost saving because they feel like it's not their responsibilities to monitor or control the company expenses. So, if you are thinking to save cost on your company expenses, firstly must educate your staff the importance of cost savings and its benefits to the company, the individual and to the global as a whole.

The above ideas not only will significantly reduce office expenses, but will also bring in extra cash for your office and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Do you have any more cost saving ideas for your office? Do share with me.

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