Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bon Simpanan Merdeka 2009 @ 5% p.a. Profit Margin

Have you heard of Bon Simpanan Merdeka 2009? I first heard about it from a bank officer. She shared this news with me after I complaint to her about the current low interest rate for Malaysia Fixed Deposit, which is 2% for 1 month placement. The luring part about Bon Simpanan Merdeka is the 5% per annum profit margin. It's for Malaysian citizens who are 56 years and above.

The Bon Simpanan Merdeka 2009 has 3-year tenure. The interest will be bank-in to investor's saving account on monthly basis.

Do you know anyone (senior citizen) who's interested to invest in Bon Merdeka 2009? You can read more details here.

Updates on 13 Mar 2009: Apologise for the late updates. The bank officer called to inform that Bon Simpanan Merdeka is fully subscribed. You can refer to the news here. But, the good news is there will be another series of Bon Simpanan Merdeka which will be released soon.

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