Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Money Lending To Friends And Family

Since childhood, there are situation where friends and relatives request to borrow some $$$ from me. Usually, I won't lend them my $$$ unless I am prepared not to receive the $$$ back.

Money can be a very sensitive issue. It has proven records in breaking marriage, family and relationship. So, If I feel my lending does not brings any benefit to the borrower, I will just tell him 'Sorry, I don't have extra $$$'. In most cases, the borrow won't dare to question me back and requesting for the second time. If the borrower deserve my lending, then I will pass him the $$$. Deserve meaning he needs the $$$ for emergency and not just simply want to get financial sympathy. If he didn't pay back, then I just consider I donate the $$$ to him.

It's just too hard to remind borrowers especially closed friends and relatives to pay back our $$$.

Do you lend your money to friends and families?

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