Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Malaysian Private Vehicle Owner CASH Rebate For Fuel Subsidy To End By 31 Mar 2009

Time flies. It has been almost a year since the Malaysian government introduced the cash fuel rebate to subsidize the high oil price last year. I've got my rebate in June 2008 and it's cash RM625.00.

Today's news on The Star Online stated that the cash fuel rebate will end on 31 Mar 2009. Those who has not made their claim are advise to do so before the due date. The claim or rebate process is very simple. You can go to any of POS Malaysia offices nationwide. You must bring along your IC. Fill in the related form and wait for your turn. If you don't have time to go to POS Malaysia office, you may do so - online at For online claim, you can choose to receive your cash by Money Order or to be bank-in to your bank account. For more details, you can visit POS Malaysia website.

Have you got your rebate? If not, act quick before 31 Mar 2009.

Updated on 20th March 2009: The Malaysian private vehicle owner cash rebate of RM625 will be extended till 14 April 2009. You can read the news here.


  1. Better be hurry for those who's yet to claim. So there goes another good news, with another bad news coming.. the FD rates is going down another 0.5%.

    Posting Remarks:
    Yay! Finally able to comment on your blog, slowmyx is driving me crazy..

  2. hi Ching Ya, yes, must claim, latest by 31 Mar 2009. Not sure if FD will go down further after this.. heheheh... 'slowmyx' interesting name you got there.. Have a great weekend ya :)