Sunday, February 22, 2009

EPF @ KWSP - 2008 Dividend Rate???

I had been frequently checking on KWSP website since early January this year for the 2008 dividend announcement. I had also been checking on local newspapers on the announcement as well. Tonight, a local tv news said that KWSP will announce its 2008 dividend by next month. I was a bit disappointed as for last year, KWSP announced its 2007 dividend on 31 Jan 2008.

I believe most of us, the EPF contributors are waiting impatiently for the dividend announcement. At a total contribution of 23% from our monthly wages, it's quite a huge sum of $$$ isn't it? Let's hope and pray for the best.

Updated on 17 Mar 2009: See related post EPF @ KWSP - 4.50% Dividend Rate For 2008


  1. next month? hhmm...... what seems to be the problem, on 22nd dec 08 we were informed dividend will be anoounced latest by Feb 09 and I have been checking frequently....its dissapointing......

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for dropping by and the info. Actually I was not aware about the announcement made earlier. Last night and today, I had been checking and looking for the news, as I need to get more information. But, can't find any :( quite disappointed.

  3. there is still no announcement made. It's now 4th March 2009

  4. Yes, I am still waiting for the announcement too.........

  5. I did the same and it is disappointting..KWSP might be delaying the annoucement in purpose this year due to FC.

  6. Hi Anonymous, it's already 11th Mar today, and still no announcement made. Based on my past years experiences, by middle of March, I'd received my EPF annual statement already. Let's wait and see...

  7. seihoryo@gmail.comMarch 15, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    Ha, so many buddies here. Me too, have been checking for announcement since January.
    I have also check the announcement date (according to the website) of previous year:
    2007, 5.80% - Jan 30, 08 (earliest!!)
    2006, 5.15% - Feb 05, 07
    2005, 5.00% - Feb 23, 06
    2004, 4.75% - Feb 17, 05
    2003, 4.50% - Feb 20, 04
    So 2008 dividend is taking longest delay to announce in 6 years (or more). Maybe they took so much of our money and unable to return them to EPF that they couldn't make the announcement... there goes our money...

  8. Hi seihoryo, thank you for sharing the previous year announcement date and dividend rate with us. Hmm.... it's 15 March already, and we're still waiting. Let's hope for the best!

  9. wasn't epf making huge lost investing our money into klse? it should be good sign if they not negative our epf like damn unit trust. hope for the best!

  10. hi Anonymous, today EPF announced the 2008 dividend rate at 4.50%. Acceptable for you?