Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bank Personal Loan

On a Monday afternoon last month, a guy from a local bank called me and wish to lure me with his personal loan idea. He first told me that for personal loan, there's no guarantor needed and fast approval. When I hear the word personal loan, I told him I am not interested for personal loan. He continue to ask me on my current credit card limit. Then, he said his bank can offer me RM15K personal loan without any documentation needed. I was quite annoyed as I told him earlier that I am not interested in personal loan. He sound quite polite type, just that he's persistent with his sales ideas. So, I politely told him that I am not interested and I don't need personal loan, and I also thank him for calling me. He still insist perhaps I might consider the personal loan for emergency needs. Still, I told him I don't need personal loan.

Last Saturday afternoon, another different guy from the same local bank call me again and asking me the same questions and still want me to take up his personal loan idea. When I was about to hang up the call, he asked me whether I wish to use the personal loan to settle my credit card outstanding amount. I told him 'I don't have outstanding with my credit cards. I settle full payment every month'. He seemed a bit surprised and then say goodbye to me.

I am quite annoyed by the officers from the same bank calling me to introduce personal loan. If they wish to introduce other bank products such as insurance, investment or other saving products, I can understand their purposes. But, not for personal loan. It's not wise to encourage someone to take up personal loan. It's just like digging a hole for them, and asking them to put their legs into the hole. They must find ways to get out from the hole, else their whole body might ended up in the hole.

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