Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Money Tree Formula by Robert G. Allen

I love readings and I love financial books or articles, especially those with practical advice. Today, while I was reading some articles on Yahoo website, another article, The Money Tree Formula - by Robert G. Allen got my attention. With a click, I was glued to the website until I reached the end of the article. When I read the first part of the article, I knew I had read it somewhere not long ago. But, I just can't recall where I read it before. Anyway, I still enjoy every part of my second reading from http://www.money3.com.my/, a local financial portal. You can reach The Money Tree Formula article here. It's a long article but it's worth every second of your reading. I agree when he said we must have multiple sources of income to secure our financial future. Here is what he means by M.o.n.e.y T.r.e.e. :

M - Multiple Streams of Income
O - Outstanding
N - Nothing Down
E - "Employee-resistant."
Y - "Yield"

T - Trend and Timing
R - Residual
E - Essential to Everybody Everyday
E - Enthusiasm

Do read the articles yourself for his complete M.o.n.e.y T.r.e.e. formula.

Robert G. Allen is a successful financial writer and one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. You can find more information about him here and here. Among his best selling books are Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online, Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen's Seven Principles of Wealth, and The Road to Wealth.
Hope you'll find his article inspiring too. Happy reading!


  1. Fantastic article. It's a long one, but worth every seconds of it. Thanks for sharing yan. I sure hope I won't become like the monkey who got caught while trying to get the peanuts. Tough world out there, hope everyone manages to strive through a path that works for oneself.

  2. Ching Ya, thanks for dropping by. I am sure you're the smart gal type :) Smart gal knows the right way to survive ;p