Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Unit Trust Consultants - How To Convince Me (the investor) To Invest With YOU

Money is a very sensitive issue. Typical salesman is another scary object. When these 2 (Money & Salesman) combine, they become an even bigger scary object. I admit I don't like to be bothered by an unwelcome salesman. I just can't stand their unprofessional sales nagging habits and the way they 'talk more than what they deliver'.

It's the same with unit trust consultants. Some of them are typical salesman. If you're a unit trust consultant and you're interested to know how to convince me (the investor) to invest in your funds, you need to read the followings:

1) Honesty
Will you trust someone who is dishonest to care for you $$$? No, right? Be honest with yourself, with your company, and with the products (unit trust funds) that you're selling. I highly value honesty before I can trust you with my $$$.

2) Professional
Show to me that you're a professional unit trust consultants. Nowadays, your leaflets and hardcopy of fund information is not impressive anymore. I need more proof before I can invest with you. Perhaps bring along some investment related magazines or a laptop to show me online fund performance.

3) Experiences & self history
Share with me how long you've been with your investment company and why you're in your investment company. I prefer to deal with people who know where they're heading. I don't want they run away with my hard earned $$$.

4) Show to me how you can help me with my $$$
Tell me how you can help me to make my $$$ work harder for me. After all, this is all investment is about right? To make more money from existing money? Perhaps can show me how your unit trust fund will be able to help me to reach my financial goal faster compare with my current investment method. How about some graph or statistics to show me the difference between my current investment with your funds? A picture say a thousand words, right?

5) Consider for long term relationship
Don't be missing in action after I invested RM10K with you. I appreciate if you can update me from time to time on the market trend. Or perhaps can share with me some news on newly launched funds. Or even can ask me - "Anyone else that you know which might need my help to help them to reach their financial goals earlier?" I don't mind to share the good stuff with friends and family.

Below are are some 'sensitive words and phrases' which you must try to prevent when introducing your unit trust funds to me:
1) "I SURE you will make money"
say instead: "I can assist you to achieve your financial goals"
I remember a unit trust consultant told me "I SURE you will make money. If you didn't make money, I will compensate you for your loss". She sound very confident, but too confident can be dangerous. I am not looking for a compensation, I just want to grow my money. Furthermore, no one can guarantee the investment. In the end, I didn't invest with her at all, though every now and then, she still ask me about it.

2) "I didn't earn from selling to you"
instead: Be honest and say 'I am helping you to make more money. It's fair for me to earn a small percentage for my assistance/professional help". I don't believe you didn't earn from selling to me. The question is whether it's worth or not for me to pay you to take care of my investment. So, make sure you help me to monitor my funds.

3) "Your existing Fund X from Unit Trust X (X = competitor) is not good, don't invest in fund X. Invest in my funds"
You are not from Unit Trust X company. You don't know much about fund X. How can you say Fund X is not good? instead tell me the differences between fund x and your funds. By saying so, you're humiliating me by saying that I made a wrong decision by investing in unit trust X. Encourage me to find more information on fund X and proof to me that it's not worth to invest in fund X.

Personally, to be successful in unit trust industry, the unit trust consultants or advisers must always remember that their main role is to help their client to make more $$$ and to achieve their client's investment goals. Must place your clients goals ahead your own goals (sales commission and other sales incentives). If you're able to do so, you won't be surprised when your potential customer call you, instead of you approaching them.

P/S: Perhaps the inspiring story form Millionaires Sisters will give you more guidelines how to convince me to invest in your funds. Good Luck!

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