Monday, January 12, 2009

EPF @ KWSP Contributions Reduced To 8% - Part 5 - 22% Opted To Maintain Contribution Rate At 11%

Berita Harian on 6th Jan 2009 reported that only about 22% or 1.23 millions out of 5.64 millions active EPF members opted to maintain their contribution rate at 11%. The rest 4.41 millions members opted to reduce their contribution to 8%.

Most of the applications to maintain their contribution rate at 11% come from 3 states, namely Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. Out of 1.23 millions members who opted to maintain at 11%, about 56% come from Selangor, 28% from Kuala Lumpur and 14% from Johor.

Throughout the whole year, EPF believe there will be more applications coming in to chose to maintain their contribution rate at 11%. For those who wish to maintain their contribution rate at 11%, they will need to fill in Form KWSP 17A(AHL)-KHAS.

Personally, it's great to know that at least 22 out of 100 Malaysians care for their retirement fund. Let's keep building our retirement fund!

P/S: You may read the complete news here.


  1. We should always be awared, and keen to our financial status. And most definitely, care about our retirement fund. It's better to have backups rather to go insanely desperate & helpless when bad things strike us. =)

    Now I'm off to the Financial Fitness test, thanks yan for these valuable info. Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Ching Ya, yes... absolutely right. Must be financially independent especially when we reach our golden years.

    No problem, wish you a wonderful day ahead :)

  3. yeah..i opt for 11% cos scare kena income tax later..

    by the way, i have linked u adi..nice to be your link partner..

  4. hi David, yes! coz 8% contribution will increase the taxable income. Thank you and it's an honour to be linked to you. Let's keep posting!