Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 - Are You Spending Less?

Chinese New Year 2009 is just around the corner. Everyone is hoping the new year of Ox is bringing along a bullish year ahead.

Personally, I feel Chinese New Year (CNY) for this year is quite quiet compare to the years before. Not many crowds at the shopping complex. Not much CNY goods and delicacies at the supermarket. Didn't hear much firecrackers and fireworks in the air. Even up to today, our office only received 3 CNY cards. We used to received between 15-30 CNY cards for the past few years. The CNY business also slower this year. Based on today's The Star Online, 2 possible reasons are the China product safely issue and the global economy uncertainty.

Me and my family also spending less this year. We are learning to spend on those items which are necessary and healthy. We try to prevent wasting on foods and CNY goods. Based on past few years experience, we bought quite a lot of CNY goods and at the end, 10%-20% of the item ended in the dustbin. We also limit the purchase on imported delicacies especially those from China as we concern on the safety of those products. The safety issue has a deep impact on me as every time I pick up some goods, I would automatically check the origin of the products. Though the Health Ministry has been very stringent about foods imported from China, I still feel skeptical.

As for the world economy, earlier this week, the local papers published that they're possibility of 45,000 job loss after CNY. This is a scary news isn't? Indirectly these news are telling my conscious mind not so simply spend.

So, are you spending less for CNY 2009?

P/S: Let's hope for a meaningful, healthy and prosperous new year ahead.


  1. Cool blog concept Yan... thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi The Financial Puzzle, thanks for dropping by :) You have an informative blog too.. let's keep posting :)

  3. Hi Yan, thanks for your financial advice. I do think I spent less this year. Done the shopping, but quite worry about the weather, hopefully everyone can have a safe trip home.

    An early Chinese New Year wish for you! Rest enough, and enjoy the holiday k. Take care always. Keep in touch. =)

  4. Hi Ching Ya :) In Kuching, for the past few days, only selected shopping malls were crowded. May everyone reach home safely. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and prosperous Ox Year :)