Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Wishes For The World

Today, I read from NST online that there are glimmer of hope for 2009. Yes, we need more of this kind of news to start a new year. Although most of us agree that it will be a challenging year ahead, deep in our heart we are hoping for a better year compared to 2008 right? I have the following global wishes for 2009:
  • The global economy will recover very soon. For the past few months, we can see it everywhere - news on gloomy world economy (the newspapers, the Internet, the radio, the television, the magazines). From US to UK, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore... and we in Malaysia started feel the effect too.

  • Less retrenchment and companies closing down. This is the effect of global economy crisis. What were previously known as international strong corporate companies, now is shaking and trying to reduce operational cost by laying off employees. Some giant companies even opt to stop operation and closing down due to poor world demand. Let's hope there will be enough food for everyone on the table.

  • Peace agreement for those countries involved in war so that there will be less life taken away from loved ones. For some unfortunate countries, it's a never ending war for them. Whether it's because of religions or controlling the world economy, it's war everyday. There must be an end to this suffering.

  • Greener world so that we all can live in a cleaner and healthier environment. After all, we are here to take care and at the same time enjoy our temporarily stay here right? We also hold the responsibilities to ensure that we hand over a better Earth if not the original Earth to our children.

  • A little bit more LOVE in every one's heart. Yes, LOVE. Love yourself, your partner, your children, your parents, your families, your friends,your colleagues, your boss, your career, your neighbours, your countries, and finally love our only living planet, the Earth.

Let us pray for a better year ahead for everyone. Happy New Year 2009!

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