Monday, December 15, 2008

Money and Integrity

Today I am not happy because I found out that someone had copied one of my earlier posts without my permission and act as if it's his post. I never thought someone would copy my posts, at least not at such an early stage of my blogging experience. Anyway, I already take appropriate action.

So, it leads me to think of the topic of Money & Integrity. For some people, their greedy mind will never be able to differentiate what's right and what's wrong. It's quite disappointing as this group of people are violating not only other's pure and original contents or properties but also violating the most wonderful creation of God, our minds, the living human minds...

I am against those who're not professional in his field, especially those who are getting profits from others efforts. I always believe that integrity plays an important role in our life journey. I listed the reasons below why I believe integrity is a big part of your wealth accumulation:

1) Easy come, easy go
Those $$$ which you accumulate easily will also go away easily. It's the nature rules - easy come, easy go. In explanation, it's normal that we don't really appreciate stuff which we can get easily.

2) Honestly leads to long term success
Perhaps those who're really lucky can get some quick $$$ by selling away their honestly and integrity. But how long would it last? How long they can expect to receive their return? In long run, honestly will always win. Even in movies, the rights will always overcome the wrongs.

3) Lose you integrity, Lose your faith - Lose your life
It's easy to be tempted by the dark world. But in real life, once you're 'black' @ 'dirty' it's difficult to be 'pure&white' @ 'clean' again. It's hard to maintain or accumulate more wealth with a 'black' @ 'dirty' background.

In conclusion, think twice before you sell off your integrity for quick $$$. It's definitely not worth it!


  1. Wow, Yan, really? Who would do such a thing?? He/She has no responsible at all! Did he/she removed their post once you approached them? Sigh.. cyber world is full of copycats. That's dreadful and unacceptable! Hope the issue has been resolved.

  2. hi Ching Ya... it's true. it's really sad for me. No, the post still active and he's not only posting at one site, but posting at different sites! you're right, cyber world is full of copycats. I hope the issue will be resolved soon. Appreciate your concern, thank you :)