Friday, December 26, 2008

Maybank eFixed Deposit - Fixed Deposit Placement Made Easy - Part 2

It has been 30 days since my first Maybank eFixed Deposit placement. Today, I uplifted the eFixed Deposit and everything run smooth. It's really easy and convenient. Just make sure you register or update your mobile number for the PAC before you continue with your online transactions. It's important, I repeat, it's important. You can't continue your online transaction without the PAC. It's for security issue and never, never ever reveal your PAC to anyone. Delete it from your mobile right after you completed your online transaction.

Also, noticed that Maybank2u has updated its banking portal. I remember I read from online news about a week ago that Maybank is halfway launching its new banking portal. Well, the new portal is more organized and has a more 'cool' look. Just that for today's visit, I faced 2 problems:

1) I can't differentiate between "Classic M2U : Click here to login" and the normal login. I tested both, I can login. I don't see the differences.
2) I can't find the eFixed Deposit rate when I was at the eFixed Deposit placement and uplifting page. Anyway, I managed to find it after I logged out. It's located at "Home > Accounts & Banking > Fixed Deposits > eFixed Deposit ". You need to click the 'find out more' to see the rates. 

Perhaps I need more time to get familiar with the new portal.

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