Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Spending List - Christmas 2008 Part II - Affordable, Meaningful and Healthy Gift Ideas

Among my early childhood memories of Christmas is Santa Claus with his huge red big bag filled with all wonderful Christmas gift. Another memory is beautiful Christmas stockings filled with Christmas gift and candy sticks hung over the fireplace. Yes, Christmas is the time filled with joy and gift exchange between friends and family members. Without Christmas gift, it doesn't really feel like Christmas. But sometimes, it can be a headache to get the right gift for the the right recipient. And most of the time, the gift can burn a hole in your purse @ wallet.

Thus, I come up with 25 affordable, meaningful and healthy gift ideas . To make your reading easier, I classify the list into 2 groups; personal gift ideas and general gift ideas:

Personal Gift Ideas
(for loved ones-parents/spouse/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/family members)
1) Hand made Christmas card (beautify with your creativity - add beads/colourful papers)
2) Hand made cookies/cakes (you can show off your bakery skills!)
3) A silver necklace with a silver cross pendant (any girl will love this simple yet meaningful gift)
4) A pair of sport shoes (this is a healthy gift idea)
5) A bottle of perfume (this is a bit personal, make sure it's for someone very close and it's their favourites fragrance)
6) A hand watch (add personal touch with embroidery of recipient's name on the watchstrap)
7) An electronic shaver for men (for men who need to shave every morning, they'll love this gift)8) A make-up set for women (any women will love this gift)
9) A set of good quality colour pencils (any kids below 10 years old will love this)
10) Soft toys/teddy bears for young kids and teenagers
11) A set of barbie doll (a perfect gift for your daughter/young sister/niece or cousin)
12) A set of tool box for men (i think most men will love this. correct me if i am wrong ;p)
13) A bible (this is a perfect gift if you wish to share about Christianity with the recipient)
14) A big piggy bank for young kids (Yes, teach them to save young)
15) An MP3 player (suitable for music lovers)
16) Health tonic (more suitable for female recipient. Suggested Yomeishu/Benedict Dom)
17) Chicken/Duck/Fish essence for parents/grandparents
18) A lovely handbag for a lady friend
19) $$$ nicely fold in a cute gift box :) (I know everyone secretly wish for this :p)

General Gift Ideas (for everyone - friends/family/colleagues)
20) A box of chocolate , the evergreen gift ideas
21) Cash voucher from local shopping complex (this is for everyone. Suggested Parkson cash voucher. Receiver can purchase their desired gift)
22) An Inspirational books or Cash voucher from bookstore (suggested Popular Bookstore cash voucher)
23) A pen drive or a flash drive (this is a good idea for students and working adult too)
24) A purse/wallet (add surprise by slipping in a few pieces of $$$ in the new purse/wallet)
25) A good quality red wine or champagne (best shared during family/friends gathering)

I hope the gift ideas above will help or at least can give you some ideas in getting the right and affordable gift for your loved ones. May you find the right Christmas gift for the right recipient and may the gifts your received are in your Christmas wish list :P

P/S: Feel free to add in more... Just remember - must be affordable, meaningful and healthy!

*Thank you to my 8 years old niece, fung who contributed the gift ideas for kids *


  1. Amazing ideas! no.19 caught my attention, "Why I never put that in my wish list??". haha.. How about use it for Chinese New Year? The kids are going to love the host/hostess!

    Pendrive, becoming so affordable nowadays, and popular in demand. Have you been to the Kuching fair? sooo cheap! Now here we're having PC fair, everyone is eyeing that 16GB now.

  2. hi Ching Ya, Thank you :) You can place no.19 in your 2008 Christmas wish list.. and *hint hint* your hubby hehehe...

    I got a 2G pendrive from my bf last week. The pendrive come with password setting which i find very safe for P&C data storage.

    Feel free to add in more to the list :)