Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Spending List - Christmas 2008

Christmas is in the air. I smell Christmas everywhere... Christmas songs at the shopping malls, Christmas wreath on my neighbour's office door, Christmas promotion sales on local newspaper, even Christmas post by blogger Ching Ya :)

I am not sure with you, but for me, I have a strong urge to spend a lot during holiday seasons, especially Christmas and Chinese New Year. Perhaps the happy feeling is somehow connected to the spending feeling. But, somehow since the past 3 years, I learned to and managed to control these strong urge. It's not easy, but definitely can be done by anyone... yes, anyone including you.

To fight these strong urge to spend unnecessary during holiday season, you must have a holiday spending list a.k.a budgeting. I don't really like to use the word budgeting because it brings a negative feeling of controlling and squeezing your $$$. Negative feeling will deter our mind from continuing what we plan to do, which is planning for our spending.

Based on my own experience, I hope the spending tips below will help you to manage your holiday spending well and enjoyable:

1) Start your holiday spending list early
You should start planning your holiday spending list a few weeks before the holiday arrived. From my own experience, the nearer to the holiday, the stronger the urge you want to spend.

2) Affordable and meaningful@useful items/gifts
Your spending list must be affordable and enjoyable to you. Make sure the spending list comprises of the items or gifts which are necessary and important to you or your loved one (Christmas gifts). Do not waste your $$$ to purchase item which later just sit in the cupboard.

3) Review your spending list
This is related to tips no 1. The earlier you start your spending plan, the more time you have to review your spending list. Try to review you spending list at least once before you do the actual shopping. This is the time you ask yourself whether you really need that new set of cookwares, or you really need 4 different pairs of new shoes... ;p

4) Stick to your spending list
The most important part is stick to your spending list. Else, you spending list is just another piece of plain white paper. If your spending list budgeted RM100 gift for a family member, do not give yourself excuses to spend RM200. Stick to your own spending list also mean you respect your own self.

Have you started your Christmas spending list? If not, it's time to get a pen and paper... and wishing you a joyous Christmas shopping :)


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  2. Fantastic tips!! In fact, that goes to ANY shopping! Totally agree, better plan early. I also find myself spending more when the festivals are near! While preparing the list, I like to put the approximate pricing for the items, so when I do the reviewing, it'll remind me the price, and whether I really need to spend on that, usually it works for the not-so-urgent items (you know us gals, it's hard to resist some attractive girlie accessories). That usually prevents me from regretting on my way home. (So I bought myself a cheese cake as a reward instead. ha.. uh-oh!)

  3. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for dropping by. Will check out your site soon :)

    Hi Ching Ya :) Thank you ^@^ Agree, should apply to ALL shopping spree. You seem like a smart spender. Have a wonderful Christmas Shopping :) hmmm.. i loooveee cheese cakes...

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