Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EPF @ KWSP Contributions Reduced to 8% - Part 4 - Download Your Form KWSP 17A(AHL)-KHAS Here

I have been trying to access the EPF website and try to download the KWSP Form 17A(AHL)-KHAS. It seems like almost 95% of my attempt were failed since 1 Dec 2008. Even late at night, the EPF website still very busy. And I understand how frustrating is it when you are not able to download the form from EPF website. So, I found Scribd (Thanks to Peter Chen), a wonderful file sharing options for me to share the KWSP 17A(AHL)-KHAS with you.

FORM KWSP 17A(AHL) KHAS - For Individual Employee

KWSP 17AA(AHL)KHAS - For A Group Of Employees

If you are an individual employee, mostly you will need to fill up the first form, Form KWSP 17A(AHL)-Khas. If your company decided to submit the details of a group of employee under the same form, then your Human Resources @ Admin Department will arrange for Form KWSP 17AA(AHL)-Khas. For KWSP 17A(AHL)-Khas (individual), employee just need to fill in Part B & C only. The rest, it's your Human Resources @ Admin Deparment or your employer's responsibility.

Hope this help!


  1. If the above download failed, you may try to dowload directly from this link (Form KWSP 17A(AHL)Khas:

  2. thx yan~~
    btw, just fill up the form n post to the EPF centre that all??

  3. hi Anonymous :) no problem :) before you send the form, make sure part A,B,C,D are completed. Part A&D should be filled by your employer, Part B&C should be filled by employee. I called up KWSP Kuching, a friendly lady advised us to keep a photostate copy of the Form 17A(AHL)-Khas (in case any dispute in future). Then, you may send the original form by post/by hand to KSWP offices nationwide. Since KSWP website is so hard to access, you may get the contacts/addresses here ( She said, KWSP wont sent us any notification upon receiving the form. So, we ourselves have to take note on the 11% in our Jan'09 salary slip.