Thursday, November 6, 2008

When and How to be a Millionaire

Do you dream to be a Millionaire? Most great achievement start with a dream. But, do you just dream (day dreaming) or you work towards your dream? If you want to know when and how to be a Millionaire, you will need to do some basic calculations based on your current situation (how much you have/can save, how long you can save, how frequent is your saving plan, what is your rate of return (ROI) of your investment). You also need to include other factors in your calculations, such as the inflation rate and your bank taxes (if any).
You will have to use your mathematical skills, spend quite a few hours and some headache to know the final answers. Thanks to the current technology and MSN Money. They have a Millionaire calculator to help us to plan for our Millionaire dream with just a few clicks. Do try out the Millionaire calculator and plan your Millionaire journey ahead. Perhaps you can read up this MSN articles too. The author, Liz Pulliam Weston is a Millionaire herself.
See you at the Millionaires Club!

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