Monday, November 3, 2008

What is Your Number?

This morning I heard an advertisement through a local radio channel that Prudential has a website on one of most important reason for us to save, retirement planning. The website is called What is Your Number? When I clicked on the poll 'Have you ever thought about how much you need for your retirement?' - Only 39% responded YES (poll data as at 11:36pm, 3 Nov 2008). That's very sad to know. Are you in the 39% or the 61%? I really hope you're in the 39%. If you're not, don't worry, you can find the retirement number by clicking 'What's your number' calculator in the middle of right hand side. You will need to answer a few simple questions. Bear in mind, the answers are important as it will affect your number. Make sure you provide the closest answer possible if you want to get a real number. For me, my number is RM1,611,103. Previously, I thought RM1m will be enough for my retirement at 55 years old. :( It's time for me to review my retirement planning.
Other than the calculators, you can also find a lot of useful and 'scary' facts (real facts which is hard to accept because it's really sad most people did not plan for retirement. even if they planned, it didn't turn out to be what they wished) on the website. Another special things about this site is most of the data are based on Malaysian populations. It's quite accurate for me compare to other facts and figure which were published based on western populations.
Share your number with me ya!


  1. RM1,157,582. i live in the UK which works out at £205,252.80 over 15 years, each month £1,140.29!!! that would be so kool if that figure was real but unfortunately I will be lucky if its even half that amount X(

  2. i have a solution for your - earn your £ in UK, then retire in Msia with RM :) anyway, dont worry, if you have a proper financial planning, you'll he retiring young and rich :)