Thursday, November 20, 2008

PB Gold Investment Account - Part 3

I have friends who asked me how to invest in PB Gold Investment Account. It's just like opening a saving or current account. You bring your cash to any Public Bank branches, tell the customer service you wish to apply for a Gold Investment Account. Then, she'll pass an application form/agreement form to you. You will need to fill in the application form/agreement, read the terms & conditions and sign on the application form/agreement form. Then, you will need to pass your cash to the bank officer at the counter to deposit your cash in your PB Gold Investment Account book. I show a sample of my PB Gold Investment Account book below.

In the transaction details, you will see the amount (in gram) for each purchase and their selling price. You will also see the total purchase or gold balance at the end of each transaction details. I show a sample of the details as below.

Before you open a PB Gold Investment Account, do consider the details below:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Minimum initial purchase is 20g (If the bank selling price for the gold for that particular day is RM90.00/g, then your minimum initial purchase is RM90.00 x 20g, which is RM1800.00.
  • Minimum subsequent purchase must be at least 5g and must be in multiple of 1g (Meant cannot purchase 5.5g or 10.2g)
  • Minimum balance in the account is 2g. There will be a service charge of RM10 if your account balance is less than 10g at 31 Dec.
  • For payment, you can use cash or debiting from your PB current/saving account or house cheque.
  • When you buy the gold, please refer to 'Selling Price' and when you sell, please refer to 'Buying Price'.

Another friends asked if Public Bank accept physical gold for the PB Gold Investment Account, the answer is NO. For more details please refer to PB Gold Investment Account website.

Happy Gold Investing!!!


  1. hi yan, for you've worked hard for creating this blog, I'm gonna present you an award! Do drop by my blog and claim your award. =) Congrats!

  2. Hi Yan, i found this is an informative blog for me. I would visit this blog more often. May i know is any other bank have this kind of Gold investment?

  3. Ching Ya, Thank you :)

    Hi Anonymous :) Thank you. Maybank also offer gold investment account - Gold Savings Passbook Account. Go to It's under 'Investment & Insurance'. Almost similar to Public Bank Gold Investment Account. Happy Gold Investing!