Friday, November 7, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Banking @ E-Banking

When I first learned about Online Banking or E-Banking in year 2000, I totally cannot accept the idea of putting my bank details over the internet. I doubt the security level and so worried that when I log-in to the E-banking website, my bank account become '0.00'. In year 2004, I started to familiarize myself with the E-banking facilities. I am surprise that E-banking make my life so much smoother and stress-free. Here are the benefits from E-Banking:

1. Save your time and money
If you are the one who pay your household and utilities bill (phone bill, electric bill, water bill, Astro Bill, etc), you will know how much time you wasted in performing each of the task. You waste your valuable time and petrol for going to those bank location and waiting for your number to be called to settle your bills. With E-Banking, you can pay most of the bills at your own comfort at home. There is no need to rush to different places just to settle your bills.

2. Convenient
You can perform your banking transaction almost anytime (for Public bank, except from 12am-6am), even on weekend and public holiday. You can check your account transactions (whether your cheque is cleared/payment received from customer/your salary has been banked-in, etc) whenever your wish without the need to go to the ATM/bank.

3. Manage your finances
E-banking also provide the facilities where you can link all your financial products (fixed deposit, current/saving accounts, credit cards) under the same account name. It's easier to monitor your financial transactions online. You can check your credit card balance with just a few clicks. With this, you can better control your spending.

On the other side, the disadvantages of E-banking are 'phishing' scam and fraudulent or hoax emails by identity theft. These internet crime mislead users to a similar E-banking website where sensitive information (username/passwords/credit card numbers) are captured and later to be used by them to log-in to E-banking and perform unauthorised transactions. There is also possibility that hackers gaining access to your accounts.

To avoid these, E-banking site always take precaution by advising customer to clear the internet cache after each internet transaction. Users must also connect to the E-banking through a secured connection. And must always remember, bank do not send emails and requesting for personal information through the internet. Never reveals your sensitive information to anyone.

Be a smart E-banking users. Always be cautious and take precautions. Enjoy your E-banking sessions!

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