Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Online Banking @ E-Banking - What's Your View?

Yesterday, I asked a dealer whether she received the payment which we had banked-in to her bank account earlier this month. She said should be ok. She adds, it's troublesome for her to call the bank officer to check the transaction for her. Then, I asked her whether she has online banking facilities. Her answer was "I never trust internet banking..". I was a bit shocked as she's the IT-savvy type. She also told me "I don't even have an ATM card because I don't trust the ATM facilities". Wah! This time I was really shocked! Jokingly, I said "You must be very cash rich!". I think you're just like me wondering how she got her $$$ from the bank. She said she assigned her assistant to withdraw the $$$ for her during bank office hours.

Anyway, I shared my e-banking experiences with her and the benefits from e-banking. Of course, I also shared with her the safety measures when performing e-banking transactions. At last, she asked me whether she can register one for her company. Let's hope she'll find the e-banking helpful and beneficial for her.
What's your view? Are you against the idea of e-banking?

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