Monday, November 17, 2008

Money and Relationship

Do you find that you have financial compatibility issue with your partner? Do you find that you're trying hard to save every cents while she's spending that every cents away? Financial isssue is one of the most sensitive issues in a relationship. It's also not an easy task to sort it out especially if both of you have different views on $$$.

I find that it is important for you to understand your partner's financial style in the early relationship. I hope the followings will ease the financial tension in your relationship:

  1. Observe & Ask. Try to observe and ask questions related to her finances. Encourage her to ask you back. Both of you must try to be as open as possible.

  2. Show your true self. If you're planning to walk you life with a particular person, there's no point to hide your true financial personality. Show the real you and in respond she must show her true self as well.

  3. Compromise. You cannot expect her to fully adapt to your style and she can't expect you to do the same as well. Both of you were brought up with different financial environment which make both of you perceive $$$ differently. Compromise financial issues.

  4. Cooperate. Plan a goal together and both of you work together in a team to reach the goal. Each of you must know your own responsibilities. Do share your updates from time to time.

Dont let $$$ matters ruin your relationship. After all, money supposed to make your relationship richer.

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  1. Dear Ms Liew, you have a very informative and well written blog. It's easy to understand and I get alot of advice from here. Yes, it's important and never too late to start our financial plannings. It's an enlightenment. Great job!