Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maybank eFixed Deposit - Fixed Deposit Placement Made Easy - Part 1

Have you heard of e-Fixed Deposit? I first came across eFixed Deposit when I was performing an online transaction at Maybank (MBB) online banking, It's an online fixed deposit (FD) placement with NO certificate issued. This is something convenient for me as I do not need to personally go to the bank for FD related matter. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this certless FD, but after did some research and called to the bank to enquire, I feel quite confident with this eFD. So, I gave it a try.
Before you can do your eFD placement, you must have the followings ready:
  1. A saving account with MBB (with enough cash to start a FD placement, min RM1K)
  2. Registered with MBB online banking (else, you can't log in)
  3. Update your mobile number for TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) through local ATM (TAC prevents unauthorized transaction. For online transaction, users will need to click on 'Request TAC' button before can continue with transaction. Within a few minutes, a 6 digits pin will be delivered to your mobile through SMS. This 6 digits pin only valid for 2 hours upon request.)
Once the above is ready, log in to, you'll notice there's eFixed Deposit on the left navigation bar. Click on eFD Placement, then just follow step by step instructions. Once completed, you will see a computer generated receipt (refer to the screen shot below).

It is advisable to print out this receipt for future references. To avoid any difficulty or issue with your eFD placement, remember NOT to close your saving account. Make sure it is valid and active. Because the eFD placement and uplifting is link to your saving account. Hopefully there wont be any problem with my first eFD placement. Will update with another post on the uplifting.

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