Sunday, November 23, 2008

Financial Lessons

As a child, I accidentally learned a lot of financial lessons from my parents. They taught me to value money and not to simply spend them away on unnecessary stuff. They taught me to manage and control money and not to let money to control me. They also taught me to prepare an emergency fund in case I suddenly need the cash. Though these are not formal lessons, but these lessons do greatly affect my views and perception of money as I grew up. I am really thankful to my parents for all these accidental financial lessons.
My parents also taught me - money is not everything but, we can't live on without money in these modern world. Can you go on a day without spending a single cent? How about a week? Or a month? Unless you are living in an isolated island or some remote places, you can't go on a week without the need to spend some money. It's true, we can't live on without money.
But, have you ever wonder why we never have formal financial lessons during our schooldays (at least in Malaysia)? These financial lessons can provide a brief idea on the importance of proper financial management in their life. Perhaps these lessons can create awareness in the students to prepare their education fund for their college years. These lessons can also teach them to manage their finance properly when they started their working years. Perhaps less people will need to borrow from loan-shark or fall into heavy debts. One will also be able to plan and prepare for their own retirement earlier. I foresee a lot of benefits from financial lessons.
I really hope our future children will be able to have formal financial lessons in their classroom.

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