Friday, November 28, 2008

EPF @ KWSP Contributions Reduced to 8% - Part 3 - Form KWSP 17A(AHL) - KHAS Is NOW AVAILABLE!

For those who wish to maintain the EPF @ KWSP contributions at 11%, the new form - Form KWSP 17A(AHL) KHAS is now available, earlier than what has been mentioned ealier (1 Dec onwards). You can get it from your nearest EPF office or you can download the form from KWSP website. Only those who wish to maintain the contributions at 11% are required to fill up the form.

Actually, the main content for form KWSP 17A(AHL) is "Saya dengan ini membuat pilihan untuk mencarum melebihi kadar berkanun bagi syer pekerja sebanyak 3%" or "I agree to contribute additional 3% for employee contribution". The options is needed only for the period of 2 years - from Jan 2009 till Dec 2010 wages. The effective date of your request depends on the month/year you filled in Part C of the form or ONE MONTH after EPF received your KSWP 17A(AHL) form.
Hurry! Fill up and Submit the Form before Jan 2009!
P/S: Please seek for advices from your Human Resources Department on submission of forms, because there is another form, Form KSWP 17AA(AHL) - KHAS. This form is for employer who wish to submit the request for a group of employees.

Updated on 3 Dec 2008: Download your Form KWSP17A(AHL)-Khas and KWSP17AA(AHL)-Khas here, Part 4 of this post.


  1. Yesterday I tried to download this special a.k.a KHAS form, guess what, the site is 'busy', and 'sila datang kembali'. Ha.. I can't help wondering how many times KWSP will encounter such 'flood' in its site.

  2. Today, I encountered the same problem during office hours. I realised EPF had shifted the Form 17A(AHL) to another site. I had updated in my post. Even the EPF website also can't display its page. Must be too busy handling soo many clicks:)

  3. today i tried, same message.
    "We are sorry. The system is busy at the moment. Please try again later. Thank you"

  4. mik3, today, i tried late in evening about 7pm, managed to get the EPF website displayed. But now at 9:32pm, the website down again :(