Saturday, November 15, 2008

Education Fund in Malaysia - Where to apply for Scholarship?

If you are a Form Five or Form Six student in Malaysia; and you are not from a well-off family, most probably you and your parents is worried about your next step - where to get money to fund for your college or university years...

For relatives and friends who shared their concern to me about not able to further study due to no education fund or not enough education fund, my first advise to them would be, make sure you score a good result in your exam. Because it's always easier for you to apply for a scholarship if you have an outstanding result. Another point to increase the possibility for you to be selected is to excel in the subjects related to your interest/area. For example, if your dream is to be a doctor, you must do well in Biology and Chemistry. If you dream to be an engineer, your Math and Physics must be among your best scored subjects.

I understand how hard it is to find ways to fund your tertiary education. So, I had done some research on scholarship applications in Malaysia. For more details, you can visit the websites below:
  1. MARA Scholarship (for Malaysian Bumiputera only)

  2. Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship (For Sarawakian only)

  3. Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship

  4. Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (ASTRO) Scholarship (For Astro subscriber only)
  5. Sunway Group
  6. Monash University, Sunway Campus

From time to time, there will be more education sponsorships from government parties, corporates and other organizations. Do take your time to do more research on available scholarships. Keep your eyes open on local media (radio/tv/newspaper) announcement. Wishing you all the best in your study.

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