Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are YOU Your Own Banking Transaction Centre?

Do you find that your bank saving account is just like your banking transaction centre? Every end the month, you see your salary slowly crawls into your bank account. Once it reaches your account, with just a few clicks (either through ATMs or e-banking or cash deposit centres), you see a big part of the $$$ flies into other accounts; your housing loan account, car loan account, credit card account, study loan account, personal loan account... etc. So, what's left? You will be lucky if you still have 25% left in your saving account. Because you still need to have the balance of 25% for your survival for the next 30 days, before you can see the next bunch of $$$ crawls into your account.
Is the above situation sound familiar to you? If yes, it's time for you to sit down and think serious on your financial strategy. After all the hardwork for the one full month, you deserved to have at least a 10% of your monthly salary to be transfered to an account under your own name. Make it a priority to pay yourself first before you pay the banks. Try to practice for a minimum of 6months and you'll see the rewards. Good Luck!

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