Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PB Gold Investment Account - Part 2

Today, i repurchased another 10g of gold at Public Bank with RM87.42/gram. The price has increased a bit compare to last Friday. I should have purchase it last Friday or Monday. Anyway, it's an investment. So, no one know the price tomorrow. If the price dropped below RM85/gram within 2 weeks, I will consider to repurchase another 5g. Do keep yourself updated with the current gold price at PB Gold Investment website. Or, you can request the PB investment consultant to inform you when the gold price dropped to certain desired price. My PB consultant said that the gold price changes 3 times a day. Today, I noticed 2 different prices. One at RM87.42/gram at about 12:45pm, another at RM87.53 at about 5pm. So, don't delay your investment when you think the time is right for you. Happy Investing!

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