Monday, October 27, 2008

PB Gold Investment Account - Part 1

Have you ever think of purchasing gold for the purpose of investment? From my readings, gold is one of the most precious minerals on Earth. I remember about 5 years back, gold price was RM40+ per gram. Early this year, when my bf bought a pair of gold earings and a gold pendant for me, the price has increased to RM90+ per gram. That's more than 120% increment! Since purchasing physical gold is very risky, and i don't want to worry about my gold at home or open a bank safe deposit box, so I started my gold investment plan through Public Bank Gold Investment Account in August 2008. My initial investment was 20g at about RM98 per gram. My PB bank advisor called me last Friday, just to tell me that gold price has dropped to RM80-RM82 per gram. I am planning to top up my gold investment by this week. Again, it's an investment, there's risk involved. So, the price might go further down as it's global economy crisis now. Wish me luck!!

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