Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Credit Card - How many cards you have?

Yesterday, a group of credit card executive from a local bank visited our office and you know lah... what is the main intention. I told them, I just got an approved credit card last Friday and not planning to get any additional. Our office building is one of the top target for credit card sales (I think), because almost every month, there will be a group of credit card sale personals visit us and 'force' us to sign-up with them. Even a few groups were from West M'sia. I told them I am not interested to get any more additional cards, even though it's 'Free for Life' or with 'Petrol rebate'. The sale exe really persistent, and I admire him for that. Luckily, one of my colleague signed-up. Todate, I have 5 credit cards, but I only use 2. I plan to terminate 3 of them, use only 1 and another one as backup. For all 5 cards, I love my PB cards the most because it's convenient for me to make payment. And so far, the cards didn't give me any troubles. I have been using the PB cards since year 2004. Actually, I had more than 5 cards, but I terminated 2 of them last 2 years coz they started to charge me for the annual fee. So, how many cards you have? How many of them are active?


  1. at this moment in time i have around 15 credit cards, all of which have money outstanding :P

    but i have the situation under control as all are interest free period so i just pay the minimum balance each month before clearing them at the end.

  2. wow... 15 cards with interest free period. smart planning huh :p