Monday, July 21, 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sales Profession?

The other day, I was asking my teenage nephew about his plan after finished his study. He asked me back about my suggestions. When I suggest to involve in sales profession, he quickly said 'no.. no.. not for me' Then I asked him ‘why not?’. He said he does not want to be 'rejected' (means not successful in selling to prospects).

But, based on my own experience, a person should give himself or herself a chance to be in sales profession. I share below on 7 reasons why you should consider sales profession:

1) Meeting new people
You will get to meet many people from all works of life. From the receptionist to the clerk to the manager to the managing director and to the CEO as well. Along your way, you will find that these people will be able to assist you and helping your in building your own network. 

2) Exposure to the ‘outside world’
When I said ‘outside world’ it means the environment other than your own working place. You got to see different offices with different environment. You got to be exposed to different field and expertise. From here, you will have more diversified experience.

3) Building your own network
If you have many years of working experience, you will find out that networking play a very important role in all business. Your existing network might bring you new sales opportunity. It might affect your future too. Because, through this network, you might be offered another new opportunity or your dream job.

4) A training ground 
Sales career is a tough career. Along the way, there is a lot of self planning and self training involved. It also needs a brave heart and very positive attitude to keep the momentum going. It is good especially for those who just join the workforce to be involved in tough situation to build up his confidence. When the person look back, I am sure he will appreciate the opportunity given.

5) Recession proof profession
Sales person is needed everywhere in every organization. Even during recession, a company still need to hire sales person. If a company is downsizing, sales staff are seldom affected. Simply because the company still can operate without an admin staff but without a sales person, it is rather hard to run the business. Sales staff are needed to bring in sales/revenue for the company so that the company still can stay afloat and business is still running.

6) Potential of Good Income
Usually the salary package for sales profession is attractive because it involves commission. Other than the basic pay, a big portion of the salary come from sales commission. That's why it not unusual to see five figures salary for a top sales person. And usually, this big fat paycheque is the reason why many are into sales profession.

7) Flexibility in your working hours
As most of the time, the sales person are not station in the office, he can find flexibility to move around. Depending on the company policy, some companies are very lenient to their sales team by giving them full control on their own office hour provided their sales are coming in. Comparing to a typical 9 to 5 cubicle work, it is great to be able to have your own freedom and plan your own schedule.

Personally, I would strongly encourage fresh graduates to at least give oneself a chance in sales profession. This profession will definitely bring many benefits for their future career path.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Long Can We Expect Tax Refund from Inland Revenue Board (IRB) @ Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)?

I read from The Star Online that Inland Revenue Board (IRB) @ Lembaga Hasil Dalam  Negeri (LHDN) stated that all tax refund are processes within 30 days from the e-filing submission.

I submitted my 2013 income tax through e-filing on 17 June 2014. I have tax paid in excess due to my monthly tax deduction through PCB (Potongan Cukai Bulanan). Yesterday (8 July 2014), I received the overpaid tax through direct transfer to my bank account. So, what do you think about the time frame of the tax refund? I would say IRB@LHDN had done a great job to keep their promise. Their efficiency had made many Malaysian smiles. Keep up the good work! 

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Monday, June 30, 2014

How A 'Calculator' Can Help You Better Manage Your Finance?

I found a wonderful website where I can use the calculator to calculate the value of my future savings. Well, for example, if currently you have 100K in your EPF @ KWSP savings, are you curious to know the amount during your retirement in 20 years? Or, you can compare the return of investment from fixed deposit placement versus unit trust investment. Of course, it will be hard to know the exact figure but the calculator will roughly provide a figure for our reference. Because the return of investment in unit trust does not promise a fixed percentage.

One thing which I realized is that the time frame really play a super important role in our investment planning. The longer the time frame, the better the performance of our savings. The compounded interest bring charm to the investment plan. There is a huge difference of the same initial amount invested over 10 years and 20 years.

If time frame is a limitation, then we have to play around with the interest rate or return of investment. Instead of putting our money to a slow growth investment, why not learn to take some risk and place our money in an investment with better return?

With the technology today, I know there are also many other websites with financial calculator and there many available apps too. Let's learn something from this smart calculator :)

Note: Feel free to click here for the website. This website not only offer for financial calculator but also other calculators including unit conversion and health calculator.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Good Nursing Home @ Old Folks Home in Kuching

Recently, my husband and me visited a friend at a new nursing home in Kuching, Kenneth Care Home. Surprisingly the new nursing home is really like a home. The only difference is that there is too many pairs of shoe at the entrance :) And also, there are more beds compare to a normal home :) 

Most of the residents are senior citizens. Some are those who has been discharged from hospital but need 24 hours care such as stroke patients. We've also heard that some are temporarily residents who need additional support and care while they are recovering from sickness.

We chit chat with the nurses at the nursing home. They (the nurses) seems to be quite nice and are quite professional at their work. They take turn to stay overnight at the nursing home so that they are able to provide 24 hours care for the residents. They also provide day care services for the elderly.

The nursing home (the 5th branch) which already started its operation about 6 months ago is very spacious, clean, hygiene and properly taken care of. It is just like a big home. 

In term of the fees, I think it is quite reasonable with the services provided.

Personally I think this is a good quality nursing home. I have to admit that nowadays, a nursing home is a need in most developing cities including Kuching. Just like child care centre where we send our young kids while we are at work, similarly we also need a good place for our parents or parents-in-law to be well taken care of while we are at work. Mainly because our lives has changed so much since the past 10 to 20 years ago where usually there is a stay-at-home spouse to take care of the young and elderly.

For those of you who are interested to now more about this nursing home, please visit their website here.

Note: This is my personal experience and I am not being paid to advertise for their services. My main purpose is to share with fellow Kuchingites in case they are looking for nursing home for their loved ones in Kuching. I understand how tough it is to find a reliable place for our loved ones during difficult time. Let us spend more time and show more appreciation while we still have the chance.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Can We Really Make Money from Blogging?

Can we really make money from blogging? I am sure most of us (especially bloggers) had asked this question before. Well, the answer is a definitely a 'YES'. But, to make a lot of money, it takes a lot (I meant really a lot) of effort, sacrifice and most importantly, being persistent. 

I would love to share a blog which I came across a few months back while reading some articles from international living. This wonderful blog is 'Pinch of Yum' by Lindsay and her husband, Bjork. I remembered the first time I landed on 'Pinch of Yum', the beautiful food graphics taken by Lindsay caught my attention. I started to read some of their posts, and I enjoy most of them.

One typical post which caught my attention is their monthly income report from their blog 'Pinch of Yum'. Every month, Bjork will be writing a very detail post on their monthly income (expenses, income sources). He also shared some tips or new things they learn to improve their blog's performance. Seeing their income growing month after month, I am really happy and proud of them. This is a proof that we can really make money from blogging. For Lindsay and Bjork, I must say I admire their work. A visit to their blog will tell you how much time, energy and effort they've put into it. And of course, the best part is their hard work really paid off. They proved that we can really make money from blogging.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Do You Feel The Pinch of Rising Cost of Living in Malaysia?

I have heard it many times this year. I heard it from my family, my friends, my colleagues, my customers and the media as well. Goods increased in price. Services increased in price. A simple breakfast which consist of a bowl of noodle and a hot drink used to cost about RM4 but now in most eateries, it is between RM5 to RM6. For a simple lunch which consist of a plate of nasi campur (rice with vege and meat) and a drink used to cost about RM5 is not between RM6 to RM7. Added up, for breakfast and lunch only, one would need to spend between RM220 to RM260. This is for a very basic and simple meal.

It is the same for household and groceries shopping. If last year RM200 is enough for a week of grocery consumption for a family of 4, but now one might need to increase to RM250. For a car tyre which cost me about RM130 last year, is now RM170. I especially feel a huge price different when shopping for clothes. Two years ago, I can get a very good quality blouse for RM80. But now, I will need to pay between RM120 to RM150 for a good quality blouse! Sometimes, I wonder whether there is something wrong with the pricetag!

I do really the pinch of rising cost. How about you?

Note: Read here, here and here for some articles on rising of cost of living in Malaysia.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions?

It is now May. Almost half of the year gone. Do you still remember those new year resolutions you've made earlier this year? Are you on track? Or, you've totally forgotten about these resolutions? I would say only some still remember those new year resolutions (without referring to the written resolution list) and only a few would be those on track. The rest might be repeating the same resolutions again next year. It is easy to list down our new year resolutions, but to achieve these resolutions, it's really not easy. It takes a lot more effort and most importantly, persistency.

So, how to achieve our new year resolutions successfully?

We take example, one of the most common new year resolutions would be 'save money'. The term 'save money' is too common and not specific enough. To help ourselves to achieve this resolution, we should be more specific. For example, instead of 'save money', we should write down 'save RM6000 towards the end of the year'. From there, we can breakdown the resolution to a 'smaller resolution'. For example, 'save RM500 at the end of every month'. Now, that looks more achievable right? It is funny how our minds work, but somehow it's tough when we see the figure RM6000. But, with RM500, it looks achievable. Then, make sure we execute the plan properly. And not forgetting to review the achievement from time to time. Try out with something achievable. Don't be too hard on yourself. Once you have had that small achievement, I believe you are ready and will be more enthusiastic for more challenging new year resolutions.

Apply and practice the same method for your other new year resolutions:
1) Be specific (what? when?);
2) Break down the one year resolution to a smaller resolution (monthly or weekly resolution);
3) Execute persistently;
4) Review weekly or monthly until the end of the year

I wish you all the best in your new year resolutions. You still have about half a year to go :)

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